Student Massage Clinics


Massage therapy sessions in the Stress Reduction Clinic provide 55-minute sessions in Swedish massage with the intention of alleviating tension and promoting an overall effect of general relaxation. Each session will be provided by a different student and each student will begin to integrate the new modalities they have learned during their education.

    • Call today to schedule your appointment!
  • Cost for individual student massage is $37.45 including tax




  • The Cost of Student Massages is still $35.00 (plus tax $2.45)= $37.45.
  • We accept Cash / Visa / MasterCard / American Express
    (NO Checks or Discover Card)
  • You are only allowed to schedule up to three appointments at a time to allow everyone to have a chance to get an appointment.
  • Once you arrive for your first appointment, you will then be able to schedule 3 more appointments, as long as you have not missed any appointments.
  • Same Day Cancellations or No Shows will result in ALL of your future appointments being cancelled and you will no longer be allowed to schedule any further student massage appointments. Students are required to perform a certain number of hours to graduate and last minute cancellations effect the student. We also have a very large waiting list of people waiting for student massages, so Please call at least 24 hours ahead of time if you need to cancel an appointment.
  • Student Massage appointments always run ON TIME– therefore, if you are late for your appointment, your massage time will be shortened by the amount of time that you are late.
  • We DO NOT accept MALE or FEMALE REQUESTS for Student Clinic Massages. Students need to experience as many different clients as possible.